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Computer Donations
  • Date: December 11, 2023
  • Category: give IT

Looking to make a difference? Your old computer can be a powerful tool for change! Join our Computer Donation Program at give IT. get IT. and transform lives through technology. Whether you’re a student, an individual, or a corporate entity, your computer donations for nonprofits can bridge the digital divide and empower communities.

About give IT. get IT.

Our Mission and Vision

At give IT. get IT., we believe in a world where everyone has access to the technology they need to succeed. Our mission is to repurpose computers and technology, providing them to nonprofits and individuals who can benefit the most. Our vision is a future where technology is no longer a barrier to education, growth, and opportunities.

How We Support Nonprofits

We specialize in computer donations to nonprofits, ensuring that your generous contributions directly support educational programs, job training, and essential services. By donating your used computers, you’re not just disposing of an item; you’re opening a door of opportunity for someone in need.

The Importance of Computer Donations

Bridging the Digital Divide

Your computer donations play a crucial role in bridging the digital divide. Many students and families need access to essential technology, hindering their ability to learn and grow. Your donation can change that.

Empowering Education and Job Opportunities

Through nonprofit computer donations, you empower education and job training programs. These computers become tools for learning, skill development, and opening new career paths for underserved communities.

Who is Eligible to Donate?

Individual Donors

Whether you’re a student upgrading your laptop or an individual with a spare computer, your donation is invaluable. Every computer has the potential to support someone’s dreams.

Corporate Donors

Companies can make a significant impact through computer donations for nonprofits. Your outdated office equipment can become a lifeline for a nonprofit organization.

Equipment You Can Donate

Computers and Laptops

We accept all kinds of computers and laptops. Whether it’s a desktop or a portable laptop, your donation can make a huge difference.

Monitors, Keyboards, and Accessories

Remember monitors, keyboards, and other computer accessories! These items are also crucial for a complete computing setup.

How Our Donation Process Works

Step 1: Assessing the Condition of Your Computer

Check if your computer is in working condition and suitable for donation. We accept equipment that can be refurbished and reused.

Step 2: Data Erasure and Privacy Protection

Your privacy is our priority. We ensure all data is completely erased and your privacy is protected before your computer is repurposed.

Step 3: Contacting give IT. get IT for a Donation

Ready to donate? Contact us! We’ll guide you through the donation process and ensure your computer finds a new home where it can make the most impact.

Locations We Serve

Connecticut | Maine | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | New York | Vermont


FAQs: Computer Donations

Q. How do I know if my computer is suitable for donation?
If your computer is in working condition and is at most five years old, it’s likely a great candidate for donation.

Q. What happens to my computer after I donate it?
Your computer will be refurbished and provided to nonprofits or individuals in need, supporting education, job training, and more.

Q. Is my data safe when I donate a computer?
Absolutely. We follow strict data erasure protocols to ensure your privacy and data security.

Q. Can I donate other technology besides computers?
Yes! We also accept monitors, keyboards, and other computer accessories.

Q. How can my nonprofit organization receive donated computers?
Nonprofits can apply through our website. We review each application to match donations with the most impactful causes.