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Give IT Get IT helps eligible individuals and nonprofit organizations get access to fast, high-quality computers and outstanding user support at the lowest cost possible.

Please provide the following information about you:

Please provide the following information about you
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The options below are for warrantied refurbished business class computers that will provide years of service when properly used and cared for. Participation includes free user support by phone or email, limited to the hardware provided by this program. We recommend desktops as they are easily upgraded, are less likely to be damaged and cost less over time to own - only choose a laptop if you must have portability.

Computer Hardware

Desktop PC hardware is warrantied for 1 year, includes a standard wired Internet connection, minimum 19” flat screen monitor, keyboard, mouse and power cables.

Laptop hardware is warrantied for 90 days, includes an AC adapter, carry bag, wired and wireless Internet connections, laptop battery capacity is not guaranteed.

Included Software (These systems are built with one of two operating systems:)

Linux Mint Operating System - free, easy to use, no maintenance and nearly virus proof. Comes with Google Chrome and Firefox Internet browsers, free word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs and other useful tools.

Microsoft Windows Version 10 with Microsoft Office - the most commonly used operating system in the workplace often required for college studies.

Computer System Choices

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Computer System Choices

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