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  • Date: April 13, 2023
  • Category: give IT

Behind the scenes of our new overview video!

At give IT. get IT., we know we’ve needed a new overview video for a while now. Fortunately, we received two great features from WABI-5 in Bangor and NEWSCENTER Maine in Portland, enabling us to tell prospective recycling clients and donors about our services.

Despite these wonderful stories, we needed something 100% ours and we’re thrilled to share that with you here on the give IT. get IT. blog along with some behind the scenes photos and interesting details .

Our two-man crew filmed at four locations over two days

We met Connor Clement in ’20 when he filmed and edited our segment on WABI-5. We were so impressed with Connor’s skills that we kept in touch with him and were delighted he had the time to work with us on this video. Connor even brought in his friend Johnny Mehler of Good Eye Productions, who provided us with the aerial footage of downtown Portland as well as the drone footage he shot of our facility and Eastern Maine Development Corporation’s Career Center in Augusta. Check us out on Instagram to see a clip of Johnny launching the drone and piloting it into our facility at 60 Industrial Drive in Waterville!


We filmed at Bangor Savings Bank because they are one of our longest-tenured recycling clients

We picked up our first load of surplus technology from Bangor Savings Bank in 2007. In the sixteen years since, we’ve recycled thousands of pounds of electronics. After we filmed his interview for the overview video, Director of IT Infrastructure Justin Fournier showed us around and told us about some of the state-of-the-art technology they have in their server room to ensure all of their systems run at peak efficiency. In the photo on the left, Justin is talking about the “Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus” that will alert his team to the threat of a fire so they can take corrective action long before it actually happens.


video server racks Bangor Savings Bank has a very impressive server room where we learned some interesting facts

The twenty-two server racks in this photo represent Bangor Savings Bank’s entire IT infrastructure, including networking, server & security infrastructure, and their IBM mainframe. They support the computing needs of all 1200 employees from this room and 25 IT professionals are responsible for maintaining all of the systems within it. “We are aggressive with our Hardware lifecycle and we will rotate all infrastructure equipment every 5 years,” Justin explained. “When we’re ready to retire these racks, we’ll be calling give IT. get IT. who will destroy all the data within them and ensure all the components are recycled.”


overview video rack recyclingWhen it’s time to recycle Bangor Savings Bank’s server racks, this is how we do it

As fate would have it, the day we filmed at give IT. get IT., our team was breaking down several server racks similar to the ones Justin showed us at their home office one week later. In the photo to the left, you can see one of our team members unscrewing each individual server rack from the cabinet. A different team member will then record the serial number of each rack and certify whether we reuse it or recycle it. Once that’s done, another employee will harvest any valuable metals and sort the recyclable materials we will send to our network of downstream recyclers. We’ll recycle everything — even the cabinets!

We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at our overview video and that it gives you a deeper understanding of how passionate we are about what we do and how clients like Bangor Savings Bank rely on us to handle their surplus technology with care. To learn how we can reuse or recyle YOUR company’s suprlus technology, please contact Allen Cornwall, our Technology Reuse and Recycling Advocate at acornwall@itec3.org or give him a call at 207-615-2956.