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Digital Inclusion is Independence
  • Date: July 2, 2020
  • Category: News

Celebrating Independence Day with Digital Independence

This Independence Day, the importance of computers and digital literacy for Americans to achieve and maintain their independence is more apparent than ever.

62% of American employees are working from home, where computers allow them to maintain employment while supervising children and remaining safe amid a pandemic. Over 50 million K-12 students participated in some form of remote learning at the end of the previous school year, and many are anticipating that remote learning will be a part of their education in the coming school year; computers allow them to maintain social interaction and learn important skills. Americans not only stay socially-distant but also take control of their time by banking online, shopping online, and receiving medical care online.

Can you imagine your life without a computer or the skills to use it?

The reality for over 38% of Americans does not include internet access, a computer, or the ability to use it effectively. During a normal year, give IT. get IT receives requests from more than 400 individuals and families for a computer and digital literacy training; as the pandemic hit, the amount of requests skyrocketed. It is our mission to help them achieve independence via technology – students graduate with degrees, entrepreneurs start businesses, and adults learn career skills and apply for jobs.

This Independence Day, celebrate by helping a fellow Mainer achieve independence. Visit giveitgetit.org/give-it to learn how.