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  • Date: May 26, 2020
  • Category: give IT

Check Out Our First Commercial!

At give IT. get IT., we’re on a mission to provide disadvantaged Mainers with the tools they need to learn and excel. As much as we appreciate (and depend on) donations of old computers and financial contributions, the primary way we fund our operation and acquire technology is through our certified corporate recycling program.

With students of all ages forced to learn from home due to COVID-19, we’re experiencing more demand than ever for computers and laptops. We need your help spreading the word about our recycling services and we’ve created a thirty-second TV commercial to help you do just that:

Businesses like Systems Engineering, Bangor Savings Bank, IDEXX and Maine General Health trust us to pick up their old technology at their offices, securely dispose of their sensitive data and then divert as much technology out of the waste stream and into the community. We’re incredibly proud of our recycling programs and the fact that we control the entire chain of custody. Our recycling clients never have to worry about their accounting information, billing data or intellectual property falling into the wrong hands.

Our IT recycling programs are a win for businesses who are required by law to recycle their old technology. We make it easy for them to take care of this essential task and we only charge for the waste that we are unable to reuse or recycle. As Scott Blake, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Bangor Savings Bank says: “It’s a perfect fit for us because it starts with providing secure destruction of data on our retired technology assets. The white-glove service ensures that all this is accomplished with minimal impact on our associates at a lower cost than any viable alternative.”

When businesses use our recycling programs, they enjoy the additional benefit of knowing that their old technology is going to good use. “When Systems Engineering looked to enhance our e-waste handling procedures it was clear that give IT. get IT. checked all the boxes. Not only could they provide the most secure, and certified, recycling services in the region but they also had a focus on reuse,” Mark Benton, director of product management at Systems Engineering in Portland, ME explains. “Our charitable giving policy includes focus on rural and underserved student populations so this particular effort, to get computers in the hands of students at this time of need, aligns well from that perspective.”

As we struggle to fulfill the thousands of new requests for computers and laptops from Mainers who desperately need them, we’re asking everyone who has ever worked with us, received a computer from us or supported us in the past to share our story with everyone they know. It’s as easy as emailing the link below to a colleague or sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter:


At give IT. get IT., putting technology into the homes of people who are at risk of falling behind is what we live for. We’re always accepting donations of computers and we’d appreciate your financial support in the form of a sponsorship. For just $250, we can provide a household with a computer, training and a full year of unlimited tech support. When it comes to giving a neighbor a hand up, there’s simply no better way to make your money go farther or do more good.

On behalf of everyone at give IT. get IT., thank you for taking the time to read about our current situation and how you can help!