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Cold laptop
  • Date: December 12, 2023
  • Category: learn IT

Learn IT | Laptop computers and cold weather

Heat is more dangerous than cold when it comes to keeping your laptop computer running smoothly. Does that mean there’s nothing to worry about in winter? Unfortunately, not.

Cold weather can damage your computer. Most laptop computers have LCD screens. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. When temperatures dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, liquid freezes, which can cause permanent harm to your LCD screen. That’s the number one reason to ensure you never leave your computer in a cold car or even on a cold floor overnight.

We all make mistakes every now and then, and even a short walk from a parking lot to a school or office building can bring the core temperature of your laptop computer below freezing. When that happens, patience truly is a virtue. If your laptop is cold, don’t turn it on as soon as you reach your desk. Take it out of your bag, set it on a flat surface, and get yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. After all, if your laptop is cold, chances are you are, too! Whatever you do, don’t try to accelerate the warming process with any kind of heating element, such as a space heater, hair drier, or heating pad, to warm your device. Leave it at room temp for 15 minutes, and it should be fine.

Cold laptop

You want to wait for your laptop to come up to room temperature because of condensation. When cold metal comes into contact with heat, moisture can form on the metal. This moisture can damage the components inside your laptop, specifically the motherboard, which is the source of your laptop’s power and memory.  After you and your laptop have warmed up, go ahead and turn it on.

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