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  • Date: September 24, 2021
  • Category: get IT

give IT.get IT. partners with First National Bank and Machias Savings Bank to support Worthington Scholarship winners.

For thousands of students throughout the U.S. a scholarship can be the difference between going to college or settling for any job they can find with a high school degree. Since 2010, The Worthington Foundation has made the dream of pursuing a college degree possible for thousands of Maine students. This September alone, the Worthington Foundation awarded over $3 million to 215 students.

scholarship winners Bucksport
Nine of this fall’s 215 Worthington Scholarship award winners were from Bucksport High School.

As helpful as these scholarships are, the students who receive them still have to cover the cost of books, room and board, and a computer. This year, Worthington Foundation Program Director Justin Chenette decided to seek support for a group of scholarship winners whose financial situations are particularly challenging. He discovered give IT. get IT. and was immediately encouraged by the idea of securing a high-performance, reconditioned laptop complete with a full warranty, free training and technical support for his students for just $400.

One major problem remained – despite the low cost compared to a new laptop, $400 was still more than some scholarship winners could afford. Undaunted, Justin decided to go a step further. He reached out t two of the Worthington Foundation’s lead sponsors, First National Bank and Machias Savings Bank. Both of these organizations have been long-time supporters, but Justin hoped they could dig a little deeper to donate the necessary funds to provide ten students with free laptops.

As fate would have it, both First National Bank and Machias Savings Bank are give IT. get IT. recycling clients. Because both organizations already understand the value of what we do from the corporate tech reuse side of our business (the “give IT”), they quickly recognized the opportunity to be even greater sources of support for students with limited financial means by helping them “get IT.”

Thanks to matching $2,500 donations from First National Bank and Machias Savings Bank, ten Worthington Scholarship winners like Anasia Tucker started the 2021 school year with high-performance laptops and support or at no cost.

Scholarship winner
Worthington Scholarship winner Anasia Tucker getting some work done in the UMAINE student union using the free give IT. get IT. laptop she received thanks to matching donations from First National Bank and Machias Savings Bank

Best of all, give IT. get IT. laptops are faster, more reliable, and more versatile than anything the scholarship winners could have purchased in a consumer electronics store. Why? Because our laptops come from businesses throughout New England, including  IDEXX, Hammond Lumber Company, Cross Insurance, and Maine General Medical Centers and hundreds of other community-minded organizations around New England that utilize our R2 certified technology recycling services that convert e-waste into tools for people in need. After our skilled crew performs a complete deep clean, adds important upgrades and loads the system with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, these business-level machines are certified workhorses.

Instead of taking notes on paper and making do with their cell phones and computers in the libraries of their colleges and universities, these ten scholarship winners have top-quality machines that will last well beyond their undergraduate years.

At give IT. get IT., we’re profoundly grateful to Justin Chenette and his willingness to think outside the box to help a deserving group of scholarship winners. “Access to technology is critical for the success of any college student,” Justin said. “We are excited to connect our hardworking scholars to laptops when they’re in a bind, thanks to our wonderful bank partners and give IT. get IT. This is a prime example of coming together to do what’s in the best interest of Maine’s next generation.”

Of course, this inspiring story is nothing more than wishful thinking without the money to cover the cost of the refurbished computers. When Justin reached out to First National Bank and Machias Savings Bank, they got back to him within days. As a result, we had the refurbished laptops in the scholarship winners’ hands before classes started.

Machias Savings Bank_Worthington Scholarship
Representatives from Machias Savings Bank pose with our Executive Director Jodi Martin (center) and Worthington Scholarship founder David Worthington and Communications Director Justin Chenette

As Machias Saving Bank’s VP, Community Experience Manager Melissa Denbow so eloquently stated: “Partnering with The Worthington Scholars and give IT. get IT. is helping the future Maine workforce.  Not having access to a laptop is a barrier that can stop a student from furthering their education.  Our donation to Give It Get It ensures the students in need can continue towards their degree and achieve their life goals.   We are honored to support these efforts.”

First National Bank_Worthington Scholarship
We’re profoundly grateful to First National Bank for their generous contribution!

First National Bank President/CEO Tony McKim agrees: “At First National Bank we recognize that tuition assistance is just the beginning for our college-bound students.  By partnering with give IT. get IT., we ensure that Worthington scholars get the technology they need to thrive in their chosen field of study. Our organization is pleased to provide this support and proud to be a supplier of reusable technology as we also recycle our retired corporate technology with give IT. get IT.”

Thousands of more students throughout New England need help to pay for college and the computers required to complete their coursework. If you’d like to help students who you know will put your donation to immediate use at a Maine college or university, please make a secure donation on our website and mention Worthington Foundation in the “notes” field.

REMEMBER, 24% of the materials that most businesses consider e-waste become the tools we use to promote digital equity. If you would like to learn more about our corporate tech recycling services for businesses, please email Chris Martin at cmartin@giveitgetit.org or call him at 207-322-6257.