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  • Date: March 31, 2021
  • Category: learn IT

Learn IT | 4 reasons why a laptop or tablet may not be the best choice

Laptops and tablets are popular choices with our clients and state-run education initiatives designed to get technology into the hands of students of all ages. There are many good reasons for this.  Tablets are reasonably priced and easy to use, and when it comes to the ultimate combination of portability and power, nothing beats a laptop computer.  As restaurants and coffee shops begin to reopen their dining rooms, more and more of our clients are requesting laptops so they can work, learn and communicate wherever they wish.

At give IT. get IT., we certainly appreciate laptop computers’ versatility and tablet’s ease of use. That said, experience has taught us that unless you require a machine you can take with you when you travel or attend class, a desktop computer is the best choice.

Here is a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of desktops, laptops, and tablets and four reasons why a desktop is a smart choice for most usuers:

Smart choice


Laptops are expensive

The portability of laptops is a beautiful feature that comes at a very high price. The engineering and manufacturing expertise required to make a powerful machine small is the primary reason why many laptops are more expensive than desktop computers. If you have the money to afford this kind of versatility without going into debt, please don’t let us discourage you from getting what you want. If you’re watching every penny and can work from a dedicated place in your home, a desktop is a much more economical choice.

Laptops and tablets require extra accessories to be truly useful

According to Gyzbuyer’s Guide, a typical laptop screen is between 13” and 15”. That’s fine when you’re in class or working in a coffee shop, but if you plan to use your laptop all day, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll find yourself needing a plug-in monitor to save your eyes from straining. The same goes for an external mouse, so you’re not relying on the built-in trackpad, an external storage drive for large files,  and an ergonomic keyboard that is more comfortable for your fingers and wrists. These extra accessories add to the cost of owning a laptop and ultimately make it more like a desktop — important factors to consider when making your computer choice.

Laptops and tablets don’t last as long desktop computers

From accidental bumps and beverage spills to catastrophic drops and accidents, laptops and tablets are regularly in harm’s way. Between these dangerous situations and the perils of user error, including overheating, exposure to the elements, and failure to acclimate, laptops and tablets have notoriously short life spans.

Tablets can only consume content; they can’t create it

Tablets serve three purposes: reading, web browsing, and communicating via email or video. If you need to write a paper, crunch numbers on a spreadsheet, or create a presentation, they don’t have the power or functionality to help you. Yes, some tablets can shoot basic videos, but their storage capacity is so limited, it’s doesn’t take long for the device to become painfully slow to the point where you’ll need to delete apps or files. Nevertheless, tablets are a great choice for some users. If your needs are minor or you have a primary computer to do all of your content creation, a tablet is an excellent way to stay connected.

At give IT. get IT., we provide hundreds of computers at no cost to people in extreme need or challenging circumstances each year. We provide hundreds of MORE computers at low cost to people who are actively striving to improve their situations, and need a little extra help to afford a high-quality computer. Unless our clients specifically require portability to attend classes or travel for work, we believe desktop computers are the best choice because they deliver the most performance for the least amount of money.

And because we receive our desktop computers from businesses throughout New England, their quality is already superior to anything you can buy in a computer store. After we refurbish and upgrade them, they are absolute workhorses that will enable our clients to do anything they need for many years.

If you run or work for a business with outdated technology that we can convert into tools and opportunities for people, please call Chris Martin at 207-322-6257.

If you can’t afford a new computer and don’t know what to do, we encourage you to apply for our digital inclusion programs by filling out the form on our website or calling 207-338-4233.