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No laptops in lap
  • Date: January 11, 2021
  • Category: learn IT

Learn IT | Why you should never use a laptop in your lap

Don’t use a laptop in your lap? Is this some kind of joke? What next? Playing basketball without a basket? Earbuds you don’t put in your ears?

We’re not kidding. The last thing you ever want to do with a laptop is place it on your lap when you’re using it. Allow us to explain.

While a cold laptop has its own risks, heat is by far the biggest threat to any computer. As we said in the graphic above, your lap tends to trap heat which can destroy the motherboard. The motherboard is the primary circuit board inside your laptop that controls everything from the central processing unit and memory to all of the other things you plug into your laptop like your mouse, external storage drives and keyboards. A new motherboard will cost more than a used computer from give IT. get IT. so you must protect it at all costs.

In addition to discomfort in your lap, signs of overheating are loss of wireless card, screen, or keyboard. Also, if your laptop just randomly shuts off with plenty of battery or when it’s plugged in, odds are it’s too hot. What should be done if you have been putting it on your bed, and it’s showing signs of distress? Bring it to our office in Waterville for a diagnosis. We can clean out the fans and vents to make sure your laptop is getting the proper airflow, and repaste your CPU to give your laptop a fighting chance.

Of course, the best way to prevent overheating is to avoid it in the first place. That means (no matter how crazy it sounds) never placing your laptop directly on your lap. Whenever possible, use your laptop at a desk or table. It’s the best way to maintain proper posture for the health of your neck and back and the safest surface for your computer. If your home is too small for a desk or you have no choice but to work on your couch or bed, here are some common household items you can use instead of your lap:

Text book, dictionary or phone book

If you’re taking classes, one of your hard cover text books should provide enough of a buffer between your legs and your laptop so the fan can do its job and keep your machine cool.

Cutting board

Working at your kitchen counter is the best choice but if someone is already working there, a cutting board will do the trick.

TV Tray

If you don’t have one of these personal fold-out tables, chances are you can find one for less than $10 at a yard sale. If you do have a TV tray, you will likely be most comfortable sitting at a dining room chair instead of a couch.

Ironing board

Small ironing board for a college dorm or apartment will work in a pinch. If all you have is a full-size ironing board, you can play around with the height so that it works for you.

Laptop stand

A basic laptop stand costs less than $20 and will provide you with years of comfort and protection. It’s definitely a worthy investment!

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